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About Kwiro Parish: History and Pictures

Kwiro parish is the Cathedral parish that was built in 1939. Kwiro parish is in Mahenge diocese, Ulanga district, Morogoro region. Mahenge became as a diocese in 1964, before that it was under the Archdiocese of Dar es salaam. The parish has six outstations that the parish priest and the assistants have to reach them every month. The parish has 9000 faithful and among these 90 percent are peasants (hand to mouth). Kwiro parish carries out activities which can be classified under two categories, pastoral and social economic works.

Under pastoral work, the parish carries out evangelization activities which include celebrating the masses, Christian education teachings at outstations and schools, visiting old people and patients, and counselling. The parish also organizes youth and women group activities.

Under social economic work, the parish carries out activities like building of a maternity ward because the parish do not have a reliable hospital for the mothers to give birth. The nearest good hospital is at Ifakara (St. Francis Hospital) 75kms from Mahenge. We also have a health centre (Kwiro Dispensary) in which we have dental clinic. The health centre serves most of the people living here in Mahenge, especially the villages surrounding Kwiro parish.
The cathedral has also been surrounded by three secondary schools. These schools are St. Joseph boys’ school, St. Agnes girls’ school, and Kwiro secondary school. 

Fr. Filbert Mhasi, former parish priest