About Kasita Seminary: History and Pictures

One of the historical attractions in Mahenge Diocese is Kasita Seminary. Kasita seminary was founded by Franciscan Capuchin Missionaries from Switzerland in 1950. The name KASITA has its roots from KUESTER. Mr. Kuester was a Germany settler who sold his house and land to the missionaries. The natives, Wapogoro, found it easier to say KESITA and later KASITA!

The seminary receives boys after their 7th year of Primary School education. Boys stay in the seminary for 6 years. They are taught Secondary school subjects according to the Ministry of Education standards. Besides this academic training, seminarians are morally prepared for priesthood. History of the seminary has shown that while more than 100 priests studied at Kasita, a lot more in the government offices are alumni of Kasita seminary. The performance of the Seminary has been remarkable. It is one of best 10 schools in the country.

The buildings are of good quality. However, they were designed to accommodate up to 120 students from Form One to Form Four, otherwise called Ordinary level (O level) of secondary education. Over the years, there has grown a need to establish Advanced level of secondary education-Form Five to Form Six (A-level). The number of seminarians has risen to 350. Some of the structures have been modified to meet the increasing demand. In the dormitories double decker beds have replaced the single beds; the number of toilets bathrooms used has increased, new added dining and wonderful basketball court. However, limited resources have made it difficulty to improve all facilities in the seminary. Structures that currently need urgent attention include Classrooms for students and Staff houses for lay teachers.

Not only academic issues, the students also receive spiritual and moral formation. The students also involve in agricultural activities. We have 20 acres where we normally plant maize (corn), potatoes, cassava. We also have a garden where we plant vegetables for the students and staff members. We also have pigs for students to get pork meat. We now have 86 pigs. More than that, we now have 5 cows (cattles) for the students and staff members to get milk. We have also started fish pond and beehives project. Thanks to God that we have already started eating the fish and enjoying the honey. All these are done by the students and staff members in order to cut down the expenses, and to prepare the students for their future personal life.

Most welcome at Kasita, we love you all, and hope you will share with us in our endeavors.

Fr. Filbert Mhasi, Former Rector



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