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Welcome to Kwiro Parish

Preamble of the parish priest Fr. Filbert Mhasi

St. Joseph Soga boys school started 2010 using the buildings which were used as middle school in 1970s, then as vocation training school. The buildings now are used as boys’ secondary school. The buildings have not yet renovated for a long time now. The toilets, the dormitories and some classrooms have remained the same. The boys are taught secondary school subjects according to National Ministry of Education. They also receive spiritual formation since it is a catholic school under the diocese of Mahenge. Most parents of the boys are peasants who depend on subsistence farming, and thus we charge them minimum tuition fee. We engage the boys in self reliance projects like gardening, taking care of pigs and cows, etc, to help cut down the running costs. The boys’ school has flourished over the years increasing in academic excellence and number of students. The school has been experiencing some problems of having dormitories that have not been renovated, and the toilets are in bad condition. The school also has no laboratory for scientific experiments, and also it has no reliable kitchen, refectory and food storage. St. Joseph boys’ school currently receives boys from different parts of Tanzania and of different religions and ethnic groups, aging from 13 years to 17 years. The school now has 350 boys.
We welcome you all people of good will to look upon our school in a very special way and engage in our endeavours. Thanks for all who have been contributing and supporting us. You are very special and dear to us, and we keep you all in our prayers.

Fr. Filbert Mhasi