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Kasita Seminary is among the best secundary schools of the Morogoro District and of entireTanzania. The guidelines of the school can be read close to the entry on a notice board: study hard, work hard, pray hard! The results of the nationwide exams prove that his leadership is very successful. Almost all students pass the exams with good and very good marks. After finishing the secundary school, they can continue with priestly formation, can go to the university or will easily find a good job. Therefore many young man would like to join Kasita seminary and the number of applications is rising every year. The nice town of Mahenge situated at a 1600m above sea level offers a comfortable klimate to the students. The temperatures are moderate and most of the time there is enough water.

However more students need more classrooms, beds, sanitary installations, infrastructure for catering, sports and recreation time. The future of tanzania is formed in Kasita and in other high level schools. You and the other friends of Kasita can support the school to offer a good infrastructure for the students. They will say "thank you" by working on a fair, social balanced, economic modern and ecologically friendly country. A profit for Africa and the whole world.

Dr. Markus Willi


Preamble of the rector of Kasita seminary

My name is Fr. Charles  Kuandika, a priest in the Catholic Diocese of Mahenge. I am now working as a  Rector  at St. Francis Kasita Seminary. Kasita  seminary is a school that belongs to the Catholic Diocese of Mahenge in Tanzania. The seminary was inaugurated on the 27th   of December  in 1950   with Rev. Father  Gerald Faessler as the first Rector of the Seminary. The seminary started with only twenty three (23) students.

The founder of the Seminary was Rev. Father Gerald Faessler who  was  a Capuchin priest born in 1885 in Switzerland at Stans. He was ordained to priesthood in 1908 and he led the Seminary as a Rector  from the year 1950 to the year 1966 when he died in his room at Kasita  Seminary and buried at Kwiro in Mahenge at the age of 81 years.
The main aim of the Seminary is to prepare young boys to become future priests, those who will work in the Lord’s farm. From the very beginning of their formation, the boys are formed in high good moral conduct, high discipline, very good spiritual life, high academic capability. Almost all the priests in Mahenge Diocese got their secondary education in this seminary hence there are more than 150 priests who  studied in this seminary.

St. Francis Kasita Seminary consists of Ordinary Level and Advanced Level (Form One to Form Six). Although, the major aim of the Seminary is to prepare the young boys to become future priests, not all boys who come to study at St. Francis  Kasita Seminary continue with priestly formation as so many also join  other public universities in order  to train themselves in other professions like teaching, doctor and other professions. They are so many people working in the government and other private sectors who are the products of the Seminary. We are proud that we always give good people to the community.

The  buildings were initially prepared to accommodate 150 students, and now the seminary has 350 students, the seminary is now struggling to make extensions of the lavatory wing to combat this situation. Thanks to different benefactors who always contribute for the success of the seminary in a special way Mr. Markus Willi and his family, Mr.Ken Morrison, Nancy and their family. May God bless you all always.

Fr. Charles  Kuandika, Rector Kasita Seminary


A letter from the head student of Kasita junior seminary

Dears sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers and grandparents,

I am the head student of Kasita junior seminary. I am happy to introduce to you our wonderful school, Kasita seminary. It is a boys secondary school where we learn different subjects like; Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Civcs, English, French, Latin, Bible knowledge, and computer.

We also involve in self reliance activities like; cultivating maize, potatoes, cassava, beans, banana plantation, we also have beautiful garden where we plant different vegetables. Moreover, we also involve in raising and taking care of the cows or cattles, pigs, goats, chicken. We are happy to involve in all these different self reliance activities because it is for our own benefits. And since we pay very little amount of tuition fee, these self reliance activities help us to cut down some of the expenses here at school.

We are doing very well academically. Every year form two, form four and form six, we are doing very well  among most of the schools here in Tanzania. Our school every year enters among the best three schools in the region, and the best ten schools in the country.
We have wonderful and very good leaders in our school. Fr. Filbert Mhasi as Rector, is raising us very well and taking a very good care of us. His assistants and good teachers we have, make themselves good formatters for us. We thank God and thank them so much. Because of them and beautiful environment of Kasita, good performance  and good moral life, many parents do like to bring their boys here at Kasita. Due to many students want to join our school, the infrastructure also has to be expanded. Thanks to good people of good will,  who has and are still sacrificing life for us and our school. Thanks specifically to Dr. Markus and Michael Will who have done many projects for our school and still continue to work hard for us. We also thank those through Dr. Markus and Dr. Michael Willi have contributed much for us. We believe that “A little bit helps”. We now have shortage of classes, and we come to you again people of good will to help us. We are in need of two big classes to accommodate many students who are still coming to join our school.

We keep praying for you and God bless.

Head  Prefect